Fighting bribery and corruption in our society today.

A business plan on a designed an innovative monitoring model to prevent corruption an ensure compliance in a specific part of the private sector.

Case study: a firm in a brewery industry by name Jonathan liquors.
Plan objective: prevent and eradicate corruption an associated practices.


Defining the act of corruption as dishonesty, depravity for personal gain, exploitation, bribery, sleaze, fraud, and venality makes it really broad to go around. The taking of a Bribe or Gratuity, should be punished with as severe penalties as the defrauding of the State. This will help to demonstrate how grievous the crime committed seems to be and repeated cases should not be taken for lightly. One of the sole reasons why such practices are aggravating is because the defaulters go unpunished and if done; their punishments are minimal to their crime.
What makes all doctrines plain and clear? I believe it involves documentation and necessary steps taken for it to be effectively followed.
What makes that which was proved true before Prove false again?
With creative accountancy, who needs cheating?
You won the elections, but I won the count
Do we want to build a market economy or an economy dominated by the mafia?
The above questions are examples of corruptive practices. All things can corrupt perverted minds. I think this flexible business plan will do much in the monitoring and preventing corruption by collective actions with both organization (private and public) and Stake holders( those people who can influence the company or can be influenced by the company decision an their action are a great deal to the attainment of these objective). Most concerned stakeholders Examples will be those as shareholders, management, other employees, customers, suppliers, government, and lenders of funds, the community organization with their interest being in the form of affecting or being affected by the organization in one way or the other.
This plan was designed after incorporating recent corruptive practices happening in recent times such as the high level of legal corruption in Ireland were ,according to a report from anti-corruption pressure group transparency international, without breaking laws, undue influence is exerted through personal relationships, patronage ,political favors and political donations .observers told the groups that problems are also made worse by the absence of transparency regarding political funding, also ,the need for pricewaterhousecoopers to establish an advisory board for its Indian firms, following the reputational damages incurred from the scandal involving its former clients, Satyam. also, The recent Madoff fraud ,the seven people charred with Dubai Islamic bank out of Dh 1.8bn($500m),the largest alleged corruption case to go to court in Dubai. These examples have guarded the outline solutions below.
Moreover, agreeing a new structure for global coordination of financial regulation by the G20 leaders was a great approach to solving these problems. It says that the financial regulatory framework needs to be redesigned to cater for increasingly complex financial structures, with steps taken to improve the transparency and stability of financial markets .these should be achieved by recognizing the mechanism for transparency, comparability and clearer financial reporting.

Plan part one
Identifying a suitable organizational structure with necessary department and anti corruption units put in place to attain the above objective.

the organizational structure can not be displaced now as it contains structures that are built in from publisher , word documents and other software which are compatible with this site .you could get that by requesting through my address at arnoldfon@yahoo.comPlan part two
Describing the functions of the chart how it could be used to attain the above objective by collective action and use of stakeholder effect.

The target mission of an organization should usually be broken down in to various goals .these goals are then obtain by setting objectives ,were after targets are then set. To achieve these objectives, the enterprise must work by developing and implementing appropriate strategies which will then be developed at all level of business .firstly through corporate strategy, concerning the decision made by senior management which is often of important financial implication. At the stage includes the business strategy concerning the decisions to be made by the separate business strategic unit within the group. This is done by trying to maximize its competitive position within its chosen market. Lastly is the operational strategy concerned with how the different functional areas within the strategic business units plan their operations to satisfy the corporate and business strategy being followed. For this to succeed there is need to eliminate at each level, separate individual and self esteem needs to concentrate to an entire organizational goal. Hence each group is said to work effective and efficiently to attain the overall corporate objective, activities within each line of manage coordinated to attain the above objective of preventing corruption.
The external auditor needs to be careful in reporting inside information to external or outsiders except it is legal to do so. if fraud is identified the auditor should report it to the audit committee if one exist, to the highest level of management ,the share holder if the fraud is being committed by the highest level of management and no audit committee is in place.
A checklist of procedures is to be filled in when a new appointment is accepted covering such issues as proof client identity, consideration of relationship with the firm, its self, other clients.

Plan part three
Implementation of above structure with and recommendations using necessary actions and outcome
– The chart begins with the toper most function of the managing director who at the same time might be the chairman of the board .he takes the overall decision after the board has met to name a few of his function. He is at the highest level of the organizational hierarchy so can make very profound decisions but which might not be for the good interest of the organization as a whole. Moreover, corruptive practices are generalized to be to high at this level of hierarchy .to prevent this there exist the need for the second line in the organizational hierarchy of the directors .where, the managing director sits with this board to make decisions. And makes conclusive decisions from these drawn out on this board .the fact that they are stewards of share holders and should serve in the capacity of the best interest of share holders should be taken note of. Hence, there are obliged to direct the company and take decisions which are not of interest to themselves but to a board at large and the company as a whole.
-They need for the second line made of two types of directors come in. These level seems to act between two main functions as the act as a liaison between each manager and the managing director .corruptive practices are seen to be high at this level to .there comes the need for two different groups at this level that is the executive directors and the non executive director .these is in favor of a good corporate governance approach which might reduce misunderstandings .usually the proportion of this two bodies should be equal ,moreover the non executive directors most be independent and be experts in their field comprising of auditors ,a member of the anticorruption unit, an employee if need warrants and being led by external experienced practitioners .the main concern for equal proportion is to limit inequalities and self-interest were the majority might collide to take decisions which are of interest to a specific group by means of a vote ,were these level is that organizational tactical decision could be made .organizational laws an principles including, procedures of proceeding of criminal activities should be guided an formed at this level to allow for the right procedures to be taken .it should be understood that these is the level at which most of corruptive practices are to be prevented and if already exist eliminated. This is because most of the decisions are left in their hands hence a need for an independent non executive director including a member of the anti corruption unit.
– At the third level of the above structure are individual managers of the various departments and committees. The happen to be many divisions at this level as the individual directors are sub divided into other sub teams .this is to enable an effective carry out of their functions of control .moreover another reason for the excessive dilution of responsibly at this level was to avoid any form corruptive practices through collusion .when departments are to close the could easily collude together to take unapprised and corruptive decisions .the striking an most essential point at these level is the creation of an anticorruption department .these department was really found necessary for any organization to eliminate any corruptive practices .further divided in a disciplinary and report department was seen significant for the same reason .these department has really been lacking in organizations and their duties often performed by the internal audit department .but after noticing that decisions and findings by the internal auditors are often threatened as there are employed and remunerated by the very directors who define to them their functions. Hence a great need for this department to overcome such constrains.
– This organizational chart sort to be designed to achieve its sole objective of avoiding, catching and punishing any organizational malpractices associated with corruption. This will be practical due to the independency and professional skills of members of the anticorruption department to act in this capacity. They are structured as follows, each member present in each department or, in smaller organizations to reduce cost placed in strategic department such as the finance department, personnel department and internal audit department .the individual members then report to the overall department in charge of anticorruption. their functions lies in their professional capacity to operate without distortion of organizational activities to bring out within events of operational activities, any controversy not in line with their objectives .To bring any cases of default to the right track and if above them channel and report all defaults to the main department in charge of this function .Here, it is deliberated an decisions taken on how to pursuit the case put in place. They should be an ethical code of conduct put in place to guard members of this department.
– Their independency should not be threatened as they are not members of the organization but work in that capacity. In that path they only report to responsible parties an were respective actions are not taken to restore this defaults, they make claims and channel their results to the strategic level of management .If the default is at these level then the share holders are made known and the results are made public especially to external auditors to get further evidence in giving their opinions on whether the financial statements are true and fair .The member of this department placed within non executive directors is to destabilize any restrictive practices placed on these department by senior level of management, and to kick against any corruptive practices at this level. Moreover decisions made by senior level of management that might deviate the functions of members of this department going against their objectives should not be followed by this department and taken as attempt to corruptive practices and should lead to thorough investigation. External auditors should report to this department any cases of concern to them for proper investigation to take place.
– Usually there should exist in each country a general department for anti corruption an extreme cases should be taken to these body for court action to be taken .in that sense these to should be made of independent and neutral members of the state and in extreme cases external professionals contracted . They should be governing code of conducts on their profession. Due care of professionalism should be taken in performing their function. Each member of the state could have access to these department to report cases of malfunctions and seen to perform any corruptive practices for investigations to take place. Extreme cases should be publicized in business magazines and news papers for public concern and for the general knowledge of respective stake holders. Crimes of a corruptive nature should usually be seriously punishable. This should usually be done with regards to the gravity of the crime.
– Furthermore along the same line of hierarchy lies the personnel function sub divided into the remuneration department necessary for paying of salaries and the recruitment department with a responsible for recruiting new staffs and training old and new once if necessary. With remuneration a lot of care should be taken these is money and a great deal of corruptive practices are associated with these fact. While those at the operational level are remunerated by the remuneration committees on their job done and any other overtime payments including bonuses and promotions for job well done, remuneration at the strategic level seems to be quite different. Executive directors pay should be subject to the recommendations of a remuneration committee made up wholly of independent non executive directors, the remuneration committee effectively determines executive remuneration and individual packages for each executive director .Moreover there should be clear disclosure of directors total emoluments and those of the chairman .Non executive directors should get extra fees for these and for chairing companies committees but should not hold share options in their companies. For this could encourage corporate excess or wrongdoing .usually certain managerial reward schemes that promote manipulation such as bonus based upon a minimum level of pre-tax profits should be restricted. Carefully designed remuneration packages should
Be clearly defined, impossible to manipulate and easy to monitor
Link rewards to changes in share holders wealth
Match managers time horizon to shareholders time horizon
Encourage managers to adopt the same altitude to risk as shareholders.
When outlined this will help managers attain their objectives in the best interest of share holders which overall will restrict them from corruptive practices.
– For the personnel department the need for a recruitment office is quite important as these serves a potential area were bribery for getting a job is common. There should be basic principles drawn down and the necessary qualifications and necessities of a vacant position taken down. When taken the newly employed are then reviewed if the attain the above requirements. it should noted that again with executive directors a nomination committee needs to be put in place made of non executive directors with aim of bringing an independent view to the selection and recruitment of both executive and non executive directors .the committee should be of high profile to demonstrate to shareholders that a reasonable degree of objectivity exist in the selection process. With shareholders having rights to vote out any director at the annual general meeting.
– The internal audit department also should not be neglected .For it to be appropriate enough in performing its duties, it most be independent and not remunerated by management that outline its function. moreover it should amongst its other functions make sure internal control are well organized and coordinated .This is because any organizations were internal controls are week, there is likely hood for fraud in organizational activities and a risk of financial misstatement. The function of internal audit should sometimes be outsourced in a case were it is recognized that their independence is threatened.
– One way of reducing corruption is by means of in cooperating internal control into the companies systems and procedures. It is easier to use a committee to set salaries so that the decision does not rest with one person .That person could take bribe from other directors for giving undeserved pay rises Hence the necessity of having a remuneration and audit committee. Selecting, compensating, monitoring, and when necessary replacing key executives and overseeing succession planning

Plan part four
Description of challenges and Solutions that could be encountered by above structure and the different stakeholders effects with their conflicting goals.
– The surest way to ruin a man who doesn’t know how to handle money is to give him some. Certain corruptive practices are quite inherent and by their nature can easily go on caught such as effective collusion of different stakeholders within and organization to manipulate accounts. But the above structure has been put in place to prevent such practices
-Usually it is the accumulation of small gratuities rather than any direct bribe that gradually obligates the people in power. There comes the need for effective coordination and remuneration of responsible parties within the organization. Nothing should be left on noticed as the smallest gratuity could later arise to a delicate issue.
-Power corrupts, but lack of power corrupts absolutely. Power by its nature gives an altitude of responsibility were there exist a desire to get excessive benefits from that power and extort the minds of the unprivileged. Those without this power are more open to the worthlessness of benefits that might influence their thoughts to undesired benefits
The most awful thing about power is not that it corrupts absolutely but that it makes people so utterly boring and sometimes so predictable .Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.
-Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.
-The acceptance of gift and hospitality is a self interest threats .gifts should not accepted unless modest otherwise it may be seen as a bribe to keep quite about issues in the organization. One can hardly shy away from such things as gifts especially from intimate friends.
In other to determine whether a gift is modest the firm should refer to their firm’s ethical guidance on acceptance of gifts from clients.
-familiarity threats are the most powerful form of corruption as there is a great burdened on you if you do not perform such practices. This might be from friends, family members, and senior members of the organization. This should be linked to the threat of sentiment below
-They had been corrupted by money, and he had been corrupted by sentiment. Sentiment was the more dangerous, because you couldn’t name its price. A man open to bribes was to be relied upon below a certain figure, but sentiment might uncoil in the heart at a name, a photograph, even a smell remembered.
-While those charge with governance that is those whose role is to supervise management to ensure that they operate the business in the interest of shareholders and other stake holders ,this is usually not the case as the act sometimes purely in their own personal interest.
-When the President does it that means it is not illegal. So to be corruption when it is done at the senior level and nothing done it becomes a legal routine .junior staffs are now freely open to take bribes in performing their duties.
Once a political system has been corrupted right from the very top leaders to the lowest rungs of the bureaucracy, the problem is very complicated. The cleansing has to start from top and go downwards in a thorough and systematic way.
-As long as we have a democratic system in the culture of our organization and might be our government, there will be people seeking favors and such favors will never be given to all. Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. For Necessity makes an honest man a knave.

Plan part five
With much explanation laid out above my conclusion will be to advice the multitude which still indulges in such practices. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist no doubt, but it should be clear that it not that which lays, that passes through the mind, but the lie that sink in, and settles in it, that does the hurt. The safest road to hell is the gradual one infact the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts. The politician who steals is worse than a thief. He is a fool indeed he is. With the grand opportunities all around for a man with political pull, there’s no excuse for stealing a cent.
The customs officials themselves expect neither more nor less than their fair share. Everything is perfect coming from the hands of the Creator but degenerates badly in the hands of man. Let man be careful. The importance of good business ethics and corporate social responsibility has been recognized in recent years and it is hoped that further progress is being made in the new millennium. Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty could bring about collapse of an empire. It will, I believe, be generally agreed that eradication of corruption from any society is not just a difficult task but it could and without disputes.  Really we can HELP .Together lets assist the anti corruption units to fight bribery and corruption.


Talk what affects your communities the most and youths action towards it. (climate change) . .

Climate change
Usually climate change takes the form of a humid, sometimes cold, or arid climate. I can’t talk about climate change without making mention of the state of my community ten years ago. I have spent most of my life in two major communities a local community in my village and the economic capital of my country .I will make mention of my local community because here I spent most of my life and because it is a good example of were climate change has affected .Through the years, I have noticed a drastic changed in temperature. This has played a very significant role in my growth in health and personality. As years go by, where I leave becomes more and more industrialize. This has greatly affected the climate of this region. Ten years is a long time as the drastic climate changes are now being realized. Economic growths and increase human activities has brought quite many changes to this town as compared to ten years ago .The greatest being the effect of climate change .This has affected me very much being in different aspects of life not living behind my local community and country as a whole.
The consequences of climate change in my life and country as a whole are quite enormous this will include factors such as unemployment ,ill health issues ,security instability .the future might be more adverse as further consequences such as food crises ,rise in prices of certain commodities ,the complete eradication of certain scarce species of animals ,insufficient medicinal plants ,the increase of desertification in certain part of my country, insufficient water or a good source of clean water, insufficient resources for the production of certain commodities, mountain eruption, floods, poor soils, harsh weather conditions.
Looking at employment consequences, there is reason to look from different perspectives. First the issue of rural exodus from villages to the towns have really increased, reasons being for search of employment .usually the local population was occupied by occupations such as farming ,cattle rearing and animal hunting .I can think seven years back when a little farm I owned could produce five bags of cocoyam .This same farm can only produce two and the half bags now .Therefore the future could be devastating as the number of bags will not only reduce but the quality and seizes of the cocoyam shall reduce . This has discouraged the young population in my local community causing them to leave farming hence unemployed and to flee to the cities to look for employment. The cities are not themselves saturated with job opportunities for unemployment is also an issue there .In this regard the local population fleeing to the cities end up indulging in theft and illegal activities. The future might be worst as the old age population will stop farming to if yields continue to be poor. This might lead to hunger not only to the local community but to traders who trade this food stuffs.
Another consequence will be that of health .Attributes from health related consequences will include pollution of the atmosphere by heavy emission of green house gases and industrial pollution. Putting of buckets and dishes to trap out drinking water was normal practice ten years ago .It was till now that the very water we use to collect had a different taste and had to cause illnesses such as cholera and other water related diseases to indigenes of my local community .I remember to have suffered from cholera not even from rain water but from pipe born when I lived in the city. What has our fresh, naturally cold water become? From 1980 to 1997 my country was said to have consumed only 0.1090 of its fresh water each year. I noticed that when the air is polluted with such industrial gases the rain then condenses and falls later as acid rain .This runs into the streams and kills fishes and plants living in these regions. Animals after consumption of these plants die off .Even the water we then drink is affected hence causing bad health. My community for the past two years has suffered a lot of health related problems due to inadequacy of clean drinking water. Fruits from fruit trees can not be trusted as there are now channels for diseases such as dysentery. I believe it might be worst then if nothing is done before the future takes its place.
Climate change has really made the security status of the atmosphere unstable .one can usually not predict the atmosphere any longer .usually in the past my grand father could look at the skies an tell me whether I could go out or not or to take an umbrella to school or not .At times you might see the atmosphere very dark and not go out for daily activities because it might be rainy suddenly after an hour it is all sunny again. I can remember on this hot afternoon when I had to go to school and left quite confident to school. Half way my journey it seriously rained. I only arrived school to discover I was not only wet but mud had gone all over my cloths .Indigenes in my community usually follow seasons for planting certain crops. At times the will expect the first or second rain to begin planting .The expectations are soon often not realizing themselves because the months in which the rains were expected to begin are not usually the same .Season have really change making some usual thoughts often difficult to predict and realize .If such predictions were now made, then farmers might fail. The rains might not fall at all causing crops and seeds to be damage .Hence, climate changes are certainly unsecured this days unlike in the past.
The future might be quite unkind to me and my community and country as a whole as other consequences arouse such as food rises. I usually made little gardens behind my house .This was common with people in my community. Reasons being avoid buying certain food element from the market. We planted tomatoes, green spices, carrots and other food stuffs. It is rather unfortunate that these gardens have dried up as these plants are suffering from insufficient food and droughts. This has cause me to be forced to go to buy such food stuffs I never use to buy .The problem is not just buying ,but the fact that prices of such commodities have suddenly risen in recent times .This might be due to shortages hence price inflation. I need to work harder to make out money to afford such commodities .At times when I don’t have and my parents cannot provide I cook food without certain ingredients. Prices of such commodities shall rise vastly in the future if nothing is done to amend this situation.
The increase in temperature these past years has made certain animals which I use to keep die off .Our forest use to be filled of many sorts of animals. such animals are now scarce species, moreover certain plant can no longer be seen .I know of a leave my mother use to give me to eat at any time I complain of stomach ache and head ache .This leave was very effective .I notice this leave had disappeared .Many other plants often used as medicinal plant has disappeared from my community. People need to go very far in the forest before the can see this plants. The scarce nature of this plants and animals has done quite harm to my community as illnesses that could easily be treated at home are now taken to hospital and a lot of money spent to treat them .If the climate was to continue to change in this delight then I believe all the scarce species of plants and animals will become eradicated, hence cause a lot of harm to me and my community.
When I remember the last time the mountain in my country erupted then I think of the lots of damages this caused me and my community. I lost a lot of my belongings in the course of fleeing from the area of tremor to areas were the tremor were mild. Moreover, many people in my community lost their houses, others their business premises .Hotels, hectares of land, plantations of palm and other food crops were destroyed and a lot of economic activities had to cease during this period .This caused an enormous lost to people of my community and to me and the country as a whole .The attributes of this mountain eruption was sited as a result of high temperature on the atmosphere and continues human activities around this area. Imagine with this fast rate of climate change and drastic increases in temperature then the consequences future eruptions might be soon hence leaving the future uncertain .It was speculated by scientist and said by scientist during last year that the mountain was to erupt thank GOD it did not happen.
The northern region of my country is suffering from a high rate of increase desert land .The desert keeps on stretching and entering the land .This makes the entire town very sandy and dried .An increasingly dry climate is the phenomenon here ,temperatures of 32.2 ̊C ,with dry seasons lasting from October to April making live to be very uncomfortable . The people really suffer as the sun is often overhead, affecting the movement of people and activities to unfold themselves. I had a friend that was transferred here and took six months to adapt to the climatic conditions of this area. The effect will be that further temperature rises will cause a decrease in quantity of precipitation and soil moisture this might cause further desert or making the remaining land a semi desert.
If global warming continues at the present rate or gets worst ,more water will probably evaporate from the oceans producing more rains and causing flooding especially in coastal areas with rainfalls of about 3890mm(153in) a year, more water will evaporate from the land and causing droughts and food shortages in other areas .There have been natural climate changes in the past but these have been very slow and plants and animals have been able to adapt to them .Today’s global warming is happening much more quickly it could wipe out many plants and animals species that cannot adapt in time .

what then are they solutions to this
Certainly I believe the most effective means of tackling the issue of climate change is through the use of youth-led activities. Synergic approaches such as working with a group of peers is necessary to achieve this mission. Youths have lots of potentials to help the local community and to bring a great deal to their communities and to nation at large. The essentiality lies in giving them an opportunity as a declaration for the creation of youth workers to combat climate change.
As peers identifying factors causing climate change such as; burning of bushes by indigenes, deforestation, and waste disposal, combustion of fossil fuels, and in general human activities, serves a starting point or bases for solutions. It is important to note that some of these factors constitute radiatively active gases (RAGs). The concentrated emission of these gases could intensify the earth green house effect hence causing global warming. This might lead to environmental changes and potentially devastating consequences for both natural ecosystems and the human economy. we are putting more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning more and more fossil fuel (coal, oil, and natural gas), and by clearing huge areas of forest.
There are many ways in which we could tackle the issue of climate change this includes insulating our homes, using less electricity and recycling rubbish, for example paper and metals, will slow down the production of green house gases .walking or cycling instead of driving can have a big effect and as traveling by train or bus instead of car.. Encourage the use of sources of power like wave, wind, tidal, hydroelectric and geothermal power rather than fuel burning methods.
To the best of my knowledge tackling this issue along side peers seems could be attained by gaining assess to a massive sensitization campaigns about climate change and how it affect the community as a whole .It is important to realize that the nature of the local communities and country as a whole are so stereotype to an extend were there is need for a youth led initiative or government initiative group on climate change to sensitize this population
If I was to create or to join with peers of any sort then the first strategy I will use is to sensitize them about climate change .moreover those who are educated in this line of action will bring out their own findings and knowledge learned from school .Those who do not know are going to learn .This could be possible because when I sat down with some of my school friends from different fields of studies on one occasion an asked them what the knew about climate change and how it affected them. They did give me more lights especially those who were from the science field of studies .Their ideas were really appreciating making them a key idea for solutions. I believe convincing this youthful population in creating youth led activities might bring lots of ideas being born in mind and achieved.
To begin with the local community, it is often said charity begins at home .My target at this stage is to gain each family as a whole .If all youths in this initiative were to give a brief descriptions about the above crises and to relate it to how it affect his or her family then the entire family is captured if at all the will be convinced .If captured, then that youth can then explain to them how they could avoid certain hazards from occurring in the future. A consistent check by this youth will then follow to see if the solutions are being followed. Often, in local communities there exist associations and little groups formed by the people that come together to better solve problems these groups are often very ignorant and have little knowledge about climate change parents and families who have been sensitized could further carry the knowledge to such groups thus gaining a much lager population.
Secondly this group of youths could create further branches in different communities and might give them self a general name with sub branch names .The youth group could further be trained on topics such as environmental activities including the planting of trees, methods of farming including the use of grasses as manure rather than burning, the types of fertilizers used for farming, types of farming such as subsistent farming and on animal grazing .Farmers practicing animal grazing and animal husbandry should be taught how to plant grasses for future grazing .Further, the general youth initiative country wide could form a come together or form youth camps for better share of ideas and greater concern for sensitization.
Also, the youth formed groups could take on a visit or to send two or more members to gatherings around the local community and cities to outstretch this problem an outline the ways to go about it. Better still the exist lots of youth led associations in our churches those within the group could take this ideas to their various churches to share with youth groups in the church, it could then be done in much lager audience or even preach by the priest or pastors in the churches .This is true for the fact as GOD in the Bible created trees and plants as part of his creation the book of Genesis begins with a great deal about creation .So it would not be strange if this is preach in church or other Christian communities.
To gain more audience these group initiatives could write books on climate change and distribute to the public as a whole .This will be more proper if little charts were drawn with photographs on how to attain this objectives .The charts should be drawn to the extend of sensitizing he most youngest population including those in primary school and nursery schools. This might help to catch the much younger but vast population who might then grow with this initiative in mind and may serve a greater extend in achieving these goals. In this same delight captioning poster will be pasted around the streets of cities and towns on large boards to make a more public advert.
Cigarette smoking being a great call for concern in recent times could serve a great call for sensitization as, it not only affects the smokers but our environment as a whole. Targeting smoking habits on our part as youths are getting more involve and leaving the government at a greater extend to impose bands and high taxes on producing companies could reduce or eradicate this direction of polluting habit. Smokers could be told how harmful smoking might be to them and how the smoke from the cigarette could cause climate change .Also programs could be implemented by the youths straitening rules to avoid tobacco consumption.
Not withstanding getting ourselves registered with TV stations to better do our sensitization on air could serve a purpose. Moreover averts and documentations on climate change could be passed on television, showing its effects and consequences and methods of eradication. Popularly watch programs and shows could be targeted for this purpose. This could be done on both private TV and the national station.
If climate change affects a community or a town then the country as a whole could be affected directly or indirectly .The problem of climate change is to be seen at very greater extends than it is talked about at national levels. Firstly the creation of a ministry to this effect amongst other ministry such as the ministry of environment and nature, or as a sub ministry within the ministry of forestry and wild live will give a grater perspective and solution to climate change.
The ministry at this stage could pass a decree on certain conditions and bands on factors that cause climate change including the uncontrollable nature of pollution into the atmosphere from industrial activities and the disposal of waste products of industries. Such decree will include, implementation of high penalties on industries that pollute the air, give a band on the burning of bushes in rural areas, impose high penalties on industries disposing of their waste in seas and rivers, the imposition of high taxes to be paid by vehicles with high emission rate of carbon dioxide. .The greater quality to the achievement of this attributes is to commemorate within the ministry youths-led groups to oversea the entire achievement of the ministries objectives in this line of action. It should be noted that the youths will be affected by what ever the future lies to be. So, most activities most be entrusted into their hands.
Deforestation and combustion of fossil fuels by certain industries are to a greater extend to be left in the hands of the government and not youth initiatives for solutions .my advice to government is to encourage industries to reduce the amount of fossil fuel they use by developing engines and heating systems that use fuel more efficiently .the 96.6% of 3bilion KWh of total electricity generated by electric facility has reduce very much. Moreover encourage wood production companies to plant triple of any number of trees cut not forgetting the preservation of our tree species, including bamboo, mahogany, teak, ebony and our diverse wildlife of monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas. Hence creating homes for our enormous species made of birds and snakes. From 1990 to1995, 646000 hectares of forest were lost in my country.
More and more Scientists and geographers could be employed to work on climate changes and research done to avoid any consequences from it. The release in 1986 of a noxious mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, which had collected below the bed of a lake in my country, killed 2000 people .an operation only began in march 1995 to clear the lake of further build–up gases. There is need for early and necessary precautions to stop such disasters from occurring.
While the government ratifies internal environmental agreements pertaining to biodiversity, climate change, desertification, endangered species, law of the sea, ozone layer protection and tropical timber, with a more profound thought, the implementation of youth-led initiatives in other ministries such as ministry of public works will create a need for conservation in our natural resources. Africa seeming to be a source of food capture for the whole world in the nearest future were the youth now will be at a control of these resources should serve a precaution .Food is a source of live ,plants produce this food animals feed on plants and plants make their food from sunlight. Harmful ultraviolet radiation from that sun could be avoided together we can avoid climate changes.

what are your view pionts about the recent economic crises .

its high time the revolution about  this economic downturn be highly addressed .its continuity as yet for how long is uncertain .what thus remains our opinion towards its eradication .the damages caused are really enormous causing an high number of employees going redundant.

What are the attributes .

Can youth action as a major concern be of assistance.

What are economist doing toward preventing these from further occurence .

together lets share our own views.

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